Do you have a catalogue of designs with samples and sizes?


Since we are a bespoke cake company each and every wedding cake is designed to individual specifications, we dont have a catalogue. Most of your design work is published on our website to give the bridal couple an understanding of our style. 


How much does a wedding cake cost as I dont see any prices on the website?


Every wedding cake is unique so we dont have a stabdard price list. Our cakes are priced on the number of servings, the cake flavour and  the most important of all " The Design". Sometimes a smaller cake could cost the same as a large one  since it took more time and had a lot of detail work.


How much in advance should I book my wedding cake?


We are committed to creating cakes that our edible pieces of art. So a lot of time goes in detail work on the cake. We always ask our bridal couple to contact us atleast 3 months prior to thier wedding date so it gives us pleatly of time to design their dream wedding cake.


Do you offer Cake tasting prior to comfirming the order?


We actually insist in doing a cake tasting prior to confirming the order so that the bridal couple can choose and decide the flavour they like the most. Afterall its the first thing they cut and eat together as a married couple.