Chef Gayu is an award winning pastry chef with over 11 years of professional experience. 


When most of the tots her age were making mess in the sand, pastry chef Gayu preferred to observe her mother's culinary magic. "I was enchanted," she gushes. She surely had guessed that the art and science of baking would become her life's passion.



Apart from her family the two other things close to her heart is Cake and Fondant. 

"I am so pleased that the kitchen and I found each other. I'm where I was meant to be" - she says.


Passion, indeed. Gayu is emotional when she talks about baking and creating her extraordinary confections. She does have some of her killer desserts. Her dedication to her art is both reverent and joyful at once: Each time she fashions a cake - and she has created some stunning ones - she's as thrilled as she would be if it were her first masterpiece.