How I came up with the my Middle East flavor?

One fine day I got an email from a bride sister who was planning the bride's wedding. She had paricularly liked our cake designs and wanted something big. With big I mean a 1 meter tall wedding cake for almost 450 guests. She also mentioned that they were Iranian and saffron was considered holy for them and so would like to see if we could incorporate then into the cake. Apart for our signature wedding cake flavours we always customise cake flavours as per the bridal couples choice so YES was my answer.

I sat down..of course with my cup of tea to think of what flavours I could pair with SAFFRON. Saffron is mild, very floral and yet has its own unique flavour and i dint want to add something that would over power it. I had to think of flavours to compliment it. My answer was Cardamom and Rose water. And just like that, a whole flurry of recipe opportunities and saffron-tastic flavour potentials came flooding in.

I knew I wanted to create something floral so I macerated real saffron in sour cream and my cardamom sugar came in handy which I used to create my super moist saffron and cardamom cake. As far as the frosting was concerned my love for a swiss meringue bettercream would never die. So I infused rose water into my butter cream to create magic. Once I frosted my cupcake with this and took a bite the words that came to my head was Middle East.

Both the bride and her sister loved the flavour just like my team did. And this is how it evolved.

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